Outsourcing to South Africa – 5 Reasons Why

When you think of outsourcing business operations or processes you would generally associate this with Asian countries such as India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. This works very well IF you are lucky enough to find a company with a policy on language. The whole concept of outsourcing is to get good services for your clients at a fraction of the price WITHOUT the client knowing that you have outsourced the service. As more companies use outsourcing clients have become very aware of different accents and dialects. If they realise that they have been "outsourced" they are unlikely to conclude the transaction.

Why Outsourcing to South Africa is different

South Africa is an extremely diverse country, if not the most diverse country in the world. This is great for international outsourcing as you can find agents from virtually every corner of the globe. These are native speakers of most languages and even dialects and accents. If you are looking for an agent with a british english accent no problem. If you require a native Urdu speaker or an English speaker with an Australian accent that too can be sourced. This together with the weakness in the Rand currency allows for an extremely high-quality service at super competitive prices.

Here are the 5 Reasons why you should outsource to South Africa

Cost of Outsourcing

The price to outsource your operations to South Africa is similar and often lower than that of India. With India becoming the outsourcing capital of the world they have become more expensive over time and this has allowed South Africa to become a direct competitor. This alone makes looking into outsourcing to South Africa worthwhile.

Diversity of Languages

As mentioned earlier in this post, South Africa is very diverse. This means you are likely to find agents that speak virtually any language and any accent or dialect. You will find all First World English Accents at a fraction of the price that you pay locally. This will greatly improve the quality of service from a client's perspective.

Sales and Support Expertise

South Africa is home to some of the largest Banks and Insurance companies in the world. This has created a large pool of highly skilled sales and customer care agents. These agents most often have already been trained by the large corporates to sell and keep customers happy. This makes for a highly skilled affordable workforce in the outsourcing industry.

Sensitive to Regulation

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